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mass noun
  • The action or process of selling off subsidiary business interests or investments.

    ‘the importance of divestment’
    • ‘proceeds from divestments’
    • ‘He estimates that at most two to five percent of tobacco shares have been sold through divestment.’
    • ‘A major feature of the privatization process has been the accompanying divestment of regulation.’
    • ‘Funds fret that lawmakers are dictating divestment without specifying which companies they should sell.’
    • ‘Decisions on what will be required in terms of investment and divestment will be necessary for programming guidance.’
    • ‘This can provide a rationale for acquisition and divestment.’
    • ‘That's because forging one necessitated divestment from cross-shareholdings across the industry.’
    • ‘Reymond said that the agency would still pin its hopes primarily on proceeds from banks' divestment programs to meet the target.’
    • ‘Ave Maria believes that this approach, known as divestment, is preferable to shareholder activism.’
    • ‘Fine, but why limit this policy of divestment to electricity?’
    • ‘The positive reaction associated with spin-offs and divestment can be viewed as evidence that the market rewards transparency.’
    • ‘Its packaging business has been closed, while the divestment of its glass container business is still being pursued, he said.’
    • ‘It is this core business focus that prompted the divestment of a very profitable but peripheral business.’
    • ‘Igoe said a further divestment of assets was likely in order to consolidate the business and reduce debt.’
    • ‘Neither wealth nor divestment of wealth saves us.’
    • ‘At the campaign's peak, leaders of forty-five different student groups had signed on in support of Senior Gift Plus and divestment.’
    • ‘A decade ago South Africa demonstrated the power of divestment.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, student and faculty petitions calling for divestment are perhaps one of the most visible signs of activism.’
    • ‘The artist prepares for her ordeal by systematically shaving off all the hair from her head and body, in a gesture of total divestment.’
    • ‘The first divestment is scheduled for June, when the government will release a 15 percent stake through the stock market.’
    • ‘Others, however, see weightier reasons for Temasek divestment.’
    dispossession, withholding, withdrawal, removal, taking away, stripping, divestment, divestiture, wresting away, expropriation, seizure, confiscation, robbing, appropriation



/dʌɪˈvɛs(t)m(ə)nt/ /dɪˈvɛs(t)m(ə)nt/