Meaning of divided in English:


Pronunciation /dɪˈvʌɪdɪd/

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  • 1Split into parts; separated.

    ‘the deputy came back, carrying a divided metal plate and a cup’
    • ‘ Increased divided doses during the day or single daily dosing at bedtime may also be beneficial.’
    • ‘If you use any multi-lane divided highway you have to buy the Highway Sticker and place it on the windshield.’
    • ‘The only portion of this divided road that was built is in front of the County Library.’
    • ‘Sometimes small amounts of finely divided charcoal are mixed into the wine to be chilled.’
    • ‘Many stores on both sides of the older divided highway have long since closed.’
    • ‘Dimmed lighting and spaciously divided tables make it perfect for an intimate rendezvous.’
    • ‘This plant grows to a height of 1.2 m with feathery, finely divided leaves.’
    • ‘GIF is recommended for objects with large, clearly divided areas of unvarying color, such as printed graphic art.’
    • ‘The painting consists of two equally divided vertical areas, gray-blue on the left and a near-black violet on the right.’
    • ‘He had made no provision for his partner to receive remuneration above the line of equally divided profit.’
  • 2Not united; in disagreement.

    ‘a divided party leadership’
    • ‘The population is celebrating the real and symbolic reunification of the divided city.’
    • ‘The immediate aftermath was the collapse of the already unpopular and divided coalition government.’
    • ‘Sport can be a powerful force in bringing divided communities and races together.’
    • ‘We will continue to be a deeply divided country for some time, no matter who wins.’
    • ‘A divided court must go into emergency session to establish guidelines.’
    • ‘The suggested procedures provide for immediate access to members of divided families.’
    • ‘He challenged critics who attributed political deadlock and policy stalemate to divided government.’
    • ‘A new government that has promised to work toward reunification of the divided island formally came to power yesterday.’
    • ‘The bosses are willing to tolerate divided loyalties for the sake of readership.’
    • ‘The leaders of try to find common ground for their divided nations.’
    • ‘There will be divided opinion on whether this is legitimate.’