Meaning of dividend warrant in English:

dividend warrant


  • A document that shows that a shareholder is entitled to a dividend.

    ‘One of the simplest ways for companies to communicate financial well-being and shareholder value is to say ‘the dividend check is in the mail.’’
    • ‘In many cases, the item collected is a cheque payable to the customer or a similar type of document such as a dividend warrant.’
    • ‘However, you can rest assured that no accountant can restate dividends and take back your dividend check.’
    • ‘But you can transform a dividend check into cash every quarter - and in this market, that's not lunacy.’
    • ‘No dividend check or special trip was mentioned, but he loved my gift, so that was enough.’
    • ‘Whether they are drawing their money from a government check or a dividend check, the essential issue is the same.’
    • ‘If a new buyer realizes he has bought too late to receive the next dividend check, he will pay less for the stock.’
    • ‘Each year, every Alaskan gets an oil dividend check from the state.’
    • ‘After several court battles, Alaskan shareholders received their first permanent fund dividend check in 1982.’
    • ‘Ex-dividend dates are used to make sure dividend checks go to the right people.’
    • ‘In an environment where everything is being questioned, dividend checks are not.’
    • ‘The first dividend checks were distributed on May 20.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, cashing tax free dividend checks is now classified as a job.’
    • ‘Firms wanting to transmit their profitability to outside investors need only show them the money, in the form of dividend checks.’
    • ‘They are largely middle-class Americans who don't rely on trust funds or dividend checks for their livelihoods.’