Meaning of dividend yield in English:

dividend yield


  • A dividend expressed as a percentage of a current share price.

    ‘the firm has a dividend yield of only 2.66 per cent’
    • ‘With the share price at 328p, that makes the current dividend yield a respectable 3.5%.’
    • ‘The prospective dividend yield on its shares, which stand at 184p, is an ample 5%.’
    • ‘However, the dividend yield on the 102p shares is an alluring 5.4% for yield seekers.’
    • ‘Big yields often come with big trouble: Most times, a stock with a high dividend yield has seen its price slashed.’
    • ‘This puts BA shares on a dividend yield of around 5%, which is pretty healthy.’
    • ‘The average dividend yield of the thirty shares at the time of their results was 2.5%.’
    • ‘Other good valuation measures include the dividend yield and price to sales.’
    • ‘Think of the dividend yield of a share as being similar to the interest rate on a savings account.’
    • ‘With a dividend yield of close to 3 per cent, the share price looks undemanding.’
    • ‘The dividend yield is the percentage of a company's share price paid out as dividends over a year.’
    • ‘On a dividend yield basis, at current levels, shares compare favourably to many other forms of investment.’
    • ‘The dividend yield of 3.6% based on today's share price of 431p is not too bad either.’
    • ‘At the same time, however, a high dividend yield can signal a sick company with a depressed share price.’
    • ‘The strategy is called the Dogs of the Dow because a high dividend yield is often a danger sign.’
    • ‘However, high demand for the shares has pushed the price up - and the dividend yield down.’
    • ‘Institutional investors are expected to urge that a dividend yield of about 5 per cent should be offered.’
    • ‘Before dividends went out of favour about a decade ago, a normal dividend yield was around 3 per cent.’
    • ‘With a prospective dividend yield of 3% too, the shares are no bargain on traditional valuation measures.’
    • ‘The dividend yield is 1% and, excluding intangibles, the price to book ratio is nearly 8.’
    • ‘The dividend yield of 3.3% is quite acceptable and the price to sales ratio of 0.4 looks appealing.’