Meaning of diving in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʌɪvɪŋ/

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mass noun
  • 1The sport or activity of swimming or exploring under water.

    ‘Players do not have the option of diving down and exploring.’
    • ‘I would just love to spend a few months here exploring the diving among the hundreds of islands.’
    • ‘Reef diving is the main sporting attraction, with the waters being home to over 100 species of coral and 900 species of fish.’
    • ‘Scuba diving is inherently a very safe sport.’
    • ‘Horseback riding, tennis, boating, and scuba diving are also available.’
    • ‘Recreational scuba diving has become very popular in the past 20 years.’
    • ‘New dive sites are being discovered, and technical diving is now available.’
    • ‘However, the increase in the popularity of deep technical diving has not come without some major concerns being raised.’
    • ‘The Maldives are a relatively accessible destination, offering year-round diving.’
    • ‘My package trip offered unlimited diving on day boats from the 26-bungalow resort.’
    • ‘If I wasn't playing rugby I was rock-climbing or deep-sea diving or fighting.’
    • ‘Divers have attempted deep-sea diving to recover the panels, but none have yet been found.’
    • ‘As on every trip, we enjoyed some excellent diving and some equally good company.’
    • ‘You only have to see Great Skellig from a distance to realise that it must offer fantastic diving.’
    • ‘I have not even mentioned the social aspects of recreational diving.’
    • ‘Recreational diving enables us to experience those underwater wonders firsthand.’
    • ‘I have enjoyed the diving and the company wherever I have been in Ireland.’
    • ‘"We were very friendly with the boat captain and all the diving instructors, " says Olga.’
    • ‘The diving in the area is really only suitable for experienced divers.’
    • ‘He said he would like to see more prominent signs warning people of the dangers of diving in the area.’
  • 2The sport or activity of diving into water from a diving board.

    ‘Critical input is high, too, at the synchronised diving.’
    • ‘But Justin made the team with the help of his brother in synchronized diving.’
    • ‘Often it's because every Premiership squad seems to be practising synchronized diving once a week.’
    • ‘That makes as much sense as treating swimming and diving as one.’
    • ‘They met at Salisbury swimming pool as teenagers and their mutual love of diving helped form a swimming partnership that lasted for many years.’
    • ‘I told them that swimming and diving were dangerous, like juggling with engines or putting your head in a vice.’
    • ‘He took up swimming and diving, and joined a marching band, but the lure of the stage beckoned.’
    • ‘Apart from regular water sports cliff diving is an added exclusive special attraction of the place.’
    • ‘Synchronized swimming, water polo, and diving are also included in the Olympic programme.’
    • ‘Reese predicts that the bulk of the team's points will come from middle distance freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and diving.’
    • ‘Synchronised diving was deemed a success at the Sydney Olympics’
    • ‘She was recruited to dive at Colorado State University, even though she didn't even know diving was a college sport at the time!’
    • ‘Having finished second in the qualifying event in this pool six months ago, the British divers had the added advantage of diving last.’
    • ‘The judging favored the American style of diving, a style placing as much importance on entry or finish of a dive as what was accomplished acrobatically in the air.’
    • ‘It was only in 2000 that they started synchronized diving.’
    • ‘I was enjoying the synchronised diving before I came out.’
    • ‘The synchronized diving involves all the members of the team.’
    • ‘Often it's because every Premiership squad seems to be practising synchronized diving once a week.’
    • ‘Acrobatic, exhilarating and captivating, yet full of grace and beauty, diving is the next big thing in sport, writes Anna Millar’
    • ‘Springboard diving is confined to 1 and 3 metres only.’


  • Moving quickly or suddenly through the air, especially in a downward direction.

    ‘I tried in vain to get a shot of a diving falcon’
    • ‘he scored with a diving header’