Meaning of diving board in English:

diving board


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  • An elevated board projecting over a swimming pool or other body of water, from which people dive or jump in.

    ‘a few children were jumping off the diving board’
    • ‘Chessa did a perfect swan dive off the diving board into rippling water below her.’
    • ‘The other pool was a plain old rectangle with some swimming lanes, diving boards and water nets.’
    • ‘Others dived nimbly off the diving board into blue water of the deep end of the huge swimming pool.’
    • ‘An Olympic sized swimming pool boasted a diving board and slide, and a gas barbecue was just begging to be used next to a picnic table.’
    • ‘It was like he had just jumped off a diving board and belly flopped on the concrete below.’
    • ‘Every year at school he opened the swimming season by diving from the high diving board; something his pupils never forgot.’
    • ‘So when they walked into the pool area, he took his post and she dived off the diving board.’
    • ‘The facility has no diving boards, but sports an eight-lane Colorado Time Systems scoreboard and an on-deck whirlpool and dry sauna.’
    • ‘Ethan jumped off the diving board, and I slid in on the side.’
    • ‘Shaylee yelled as she jumped off the diving board doing a cannonball.’
    • ‘When the three Mayer's were done jumping from the diving board, it was Leo's turn.’
    • ‘Chelsea screamed from over on the other side of the pool, getting ready to jump off the diving board.’
    • ‘I did take a picture of Bree jumping off the diving board, which would turn out to look pretty cool.’
    • ‘It felt as if she was jumping off the high diving board, terrified with air rushing past her.’
    • ‘I walked straight to the diving board and dived in.’
    • ‘Avery only learned this summer and that was the day he dived off the diving board.’
    • ‘Scarborough magistrates heard yesterday that John dived from a diving board around 3pm.’
    • ‘It's not big, but it has a floating dock 10 metres out with a diving board and the water is relatively algae free.’
    • ‘But our local swimming pool never had a diving board so I was slightly concerned when I had to jump off.’
    • ‘A diving board and three entrance ladders, along with marble angels adorned it.’