Meaning of diving suit in English:

diving suit

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  • A watertight suit, typically with a helmet and an air supply, worn for working or exploring deep under water.

    ‘Navy officials say the crew may not have enough diving suits or the suits may be in flooded compartments.’
    • ‘A small group of men were clustered around a two meter tall suit that looked like a cross between a diving suit and an ancient suit of armor.’
    • ‘Ivanova added that the best scuba diving suits are made of ostrich hide because of its high water resistance.’
    • ‘Dressed in a diving suit, he began the race at 9.45 am on Sunday.’
    • ‘Full-dress diving suits were not used in shallow waters near coral because coral might pierce the air hose.’
    • ‘Both don the heavy, cumbersome diving suits and have their huge helmet clamped on.’
    • ‘He donned a diving suit and went out into the cold water.’
    • ‘A man in an antique diving suit completed the world's first underwater marathon last month.’
    • ‘He looked at another picture where they were on a boat and in diving suits.’
    • ‘But, with the creation of the deep sea diving suit, man can go deeper than his predecessors.’
    • ‘Unit divers are equipped with both standard wet and dry diving suits.’
    • ‘Hong Kong is not about to disappear beneath the waves just yet, so save your diving suits and goggles for another occasion.’
    • ‘There were lots of different colored buttons and a closet, which held diving suits.’
    • ‘The two charioteers hid their diving suits and walked into Palermo, but were promptly arrested by the carabinieri.’
    • ‘Her crew had barely managed to escape through the bow hatch, wearing their diving suits.’
    • ‘Those looking for a cheap, but fairly damp motor vehicle, can don their diving suits now.’
    • ‘The couple wore diving suits adapted to look like real wedding outfits.’
    • ‘I have known divers having to crack the ice on their diving suits and undersuits to get them flexible enough to put on.’
    • ‘It feels like a diving suit, and this computer equipment seems to be poking through the material!’
    • ‘She said: ‘There was this man wearing a diving suit at the door and he asked to use the phone.’’