Meaning of djellaba in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdʒɛləbə/


(also djellabah)
  • A loose hooded woollen robe or cloak of a kind traditionally worn by Arabs.

    ‘In cold weather, many men cover their jellabas with a hooded cloak called a burnus.’
    • ‘Clearly amused, a young lad peered at me through the hood of his woollen djellaba.’
    • ‘The door opened and five women filed in, as if in a play, all dressed identically: grey jellabas, white scarves concealing hair and foreheads, gloves, pale faces devoid of all makeup.’
    • ‘For the ceremony itself, the groom wears a long, loose-fitting garment called a jellaba and the bride wears the traditional long head shawl and kaftan.’
    • ‘I am frisked thoroughly, quickly and professionally by a mountain of a man dressed in a jellaba.’
    cloak, wrap, mantle, cape, kaftan


Early 19th century from Moroccan Arabic jellāba, jellābiyya.