Meaning of djembe in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʒɛmbə/ /ˈʒɛmbeɪ/


  • A kind of goblet-shaped hand drum originating in West Africa.

    ‘I then used it to record additional percussion, including tambourine, djembe, shaker and bass drum.’
    • ‘Acoustic drums (especially djembes, with the aforementioned bass tone) allow you to physically feel the frequencies generated, as opposed to just hearing them.’
    • ‘Perched on an overstuffed cushion before the wood stove was a Buddha-shaped woman of fifty dressed in purple and playing a small hand drum called a djembe, which was tucked between her crossed legs.’
    • ‘The traditional percussion instruments in Diallo's ensemble include the djembe and a small, loud Senegalese drum called the mbalax.’
    • ‘While most definitely blues, he pulls in musical elements of other traditions into his music; some of his pieces have a definite East Indian influence, while others use African instruments such as the mbira and djembe.’


French djembé, from Mande jembe.