Meaning of DNA virus in English:

DNA virus


  • A virus in which the genetic information is stored in the form of DNA (as opposed to RNA).

    ‘Herpes simplex, a DNA virus, is carried by a majority of the human population.’
    • ‘The human papilloma virus is a DNA virus, which on infecting the cell incorporates its DNA into the host's nuclear material and allows production of viral DNA.’
    • ‘A DNA virus with a short genome of only 3200 bases causes hepatitis B infection.’
    • ‘Cytomegalovirus is a DNA virus that is related to herpes and causes a disease referred to as cytomegalic inclusion disease.’
    • ‘Bacteriophage is a tailed, double-stranded DNA virus that serves as an important model for assembly of large DNA viruses such as herpes and poxviruses.’