Meaning of do-goodism in English:



See do-gooder

‘This is bargain basement Nietzsche and Foucault, admixed with earnest American do-goodism, that still passes for ‘theory’ in much of the academy.’
  • ‘And, actually, the roots of this do-goodism are ultimately in New England Puritanism, which had many characteristics associated with today's left.’
  • ‘A people more fully in touch with, and respectful of, nature than nearly anyone on Earth has borne the brunt of urbanized environmental do-goodism.’
  • ‘If this seems like a jarring blend of dot-com-era excess and 1960s-style do-goodism, well, so be it.’
  • ‘George was not interested in proposing a tax reform by means of which government might indulge itself in every form of do-goodism.’