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do away with

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phrasal verb

  • 1do away with something informal Remove or put an end to something.

    • ‘some airlines have done away with reclining seats’
    • ‘he abruptly did away with the status symbols of his predecessors’
    • ‘If there are scratches, you can use polish cleaner and scratch remover to do away with them.’
    • ‘It can take the pressure off Dublin Airport and do away with the necessity for a second terminal at an already overcrowded airport and city.’
    • ‘Perhaps Leeds City Council should do away with pedestrian crossings and rely on the traffic to stop and allow us to cross the road safely.’
    • ‘The government will this week unveil a plan to abolish red tape for business and consumers, doing away with thousands of petty laws and rules, and streamlining all regulations.’
    • ‘Lewis said the merger would cut costs by erasing 6,000 jobs and doing away with overlapping technology and marketing expenses.’
    • ‘New packaging technologies could finally do away with the family butcher.’
    • ‘During his time at the Central Bank he dined in the staff restaurant and did away with the executive dining room.’
    • ‘It said: ‘The whole purpose of this initiative as we understood it is to save money by doing away with, or at least cutting down on things like order books.’’
    • ‘It seems they are always looking for things to change or do away with.’
    • ‘We should learn instead from New Zealand, which did away with virtually all its agricultural subsidies and trade barriers in the mid-1980s.’
    abolish, quash, get rid of, discard, remove, eliminate, discontinue, cancel, stop, end, terminate, put an end to, put a stop to, call a halt to, dispense with, drop, abandon, give up
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    1. 1.1do away with someoneKill someone.
      ‘she didn't have the courage to do away with him’
      • ‘Without further ado the king hires an assassin to do away with him, solving all sorts of problems in one deathly stroke.’
      • ‘While awaiting trial, many accused murderers do away with themselves by hanging.’
      • ‘He is set to harm the young lady whom you shelter, and do away with all those who hold her in their hearts, be they kith or kin.’
      • ‘Many of the participants were on the ground, searching for other victims to do away with.’
      • ‘Antonia will do away with Barry, and Rose will return the favor by knocking off Hector.’
      • ‘If Jade could try to get rid of George, what would stop her from doing away with David?’
      kill, put to death, do to death, put an end to, finish off, take the life of, end the life of, murder, assassinate, execute, slaughter, butcher, wipe out, mow down, shoot down, cut down
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