Meaning of do lunch in English:

do lunch


informal mainly North American
  • Meet for lunch.

    • ‘give me a call, and let's do lunch sometime’
    • ‘He is my former producer from Washington, he said he would take the train to meet me and we would do lunch.’
    • ‘When I'm visiting home this is one of the places I like to meet friends, it's a good place to do lunch of afternoon drinks.’
    • ‘Mario had made plans to meet up with his older brother and do lunch at a restaurant close by.’
    • ‘We hadn't seen each other since before Christmas, so they brought my gifts (I'd dropped mine for them off at their house on Thanksgiving) and we did lunch at Hometown Buffet.’
    • ‘But most of them are going to be far too busy doing lunch and phoning people.’
    • ‘Modern fiction editors are too busy reading synopses and doing lunch to have any time to think about structure.’
    • ‘I was wondering if we could do lunch and discuss business.’
    • ‘Actually, I was thinking that maybe you might like to do lunch, if you aren't too busy.’
    • ‘I'm sure you already told her we'd do lunch today, and you have it all set up, and asking me was just a formality.’
    • ‘Give me a call, Steve, and let's do lunch sometime.’