Meaning of do one's bit in English:

do one's bit

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  • Make a useful contribution to an effort or cause.

    • ‘I was persuaded to do my bit for the environment’
    • ‘The refugees who made it were clearly keen to do their bit in the war effort and the factory went on to produce 66 per cent of the leather required in the whole British war effort.’
    • ‘The Goddard Arms Hotel in Old Town was packed on Friday night with people all eager to do their bit for the relief effort.’
    • ‘In that time the couple has served on a number of committees in an effort to do their bit for the Geraldton.’
    • ‘Everybody is asked to do their bit and make an effort to recycle as much of their waste as possible.’
    • ‘Models of a responsible society would have marketers doing their bit to contribute towards a just and fair society, alongside the contributions of other institutions such as the family and the Church.’
    • ‘And I'll be doing my bit to contribute to the development of its ideology.’
    • ‘It is appreciated that those who are involved in the development of two projects in the parish, the ball alley and the GAA pitches, are doing their bit.’
    • ‘The majority of them are ordinary people, keen to do their bit for charity.’
    • ‘He has also done his own bit to distance his current squad from their glorious recent past and the haphazard unsettled last season.’
    • ‘The idea is to do your own small bit, in whatever way, in checking the growing intolerance in people.’
    assist, help, lend a hand, be of service, give one's support, give one's backing, contribute, chip in, throw in one's lot
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