Significado de do one's level best en en Inglés

do one's level best


  • Make all possible efforts.

    ‘a pupil must do his level best to please his master’
    • ‘Everyone here did their level best to meet productivity levels to international standards and beyond.’
    • ‘I will do my level best to conclude this inquest as soon as I possibly can.’
    • ‘The people here are doing their level best to help sort out the problems facing farmers.’
    • ‘The defense forces are doing their level best to look for those people who were involved in this sad event.’
    • ‘But when you're in the final, you want to win it and we'll be doing our level best.’
    • ‘Do not worry, we are doing our level best to find him and we will.’
    • ‘He does his level best to form correct opinions about the issues of the day.’
    • ‘They do their level best to raise funds, but they are desperate.’
    • ‘We will do our level best to resolve this issue and avoid any disruption for our customers.’
    • ‘As journalists, we do our level best to cover all sides, all issues in any situation, in a timely, accurate and fair way.’