Meaning of do one's nut in English:

do one's nut


informal British
  • Become extremely angry or agitated.

    • ‘I hope my mum hasn't heard about this, or she'll be doing her nut’
    • ‘On the day of the incident he came home to a table full of banana sandwiches and ‘started to do his nut’.’
    • ‘It's not just his merciless cheeriness that's doing my nut.’
    • ‘I was before I came here, but someone in this computer lab is playing a Shania Twain album on a CD drive and it's doing my nut!’
    • ‘Aforementioned furry rodent re-appears at regular intervals, doing his nut over his unresponsive acorn, the inventive repetition reminiscent of Laurel and Hardy fighting with a piano or endless jousts in classic cartoons.’
    • ‘The skipper was apparently doing his nut, but while King's Regulations and Admiralty Instructions could be applied to his crew, they didn't have much effect on his passengers.’
    • ‘She does her nut and wakes him up to challenge him about it.’
    • ‘Mum took me setting the microwave alight pretty well, I told her when she rang so she could do her nut at the hospital (very quietly) and be over the most of her temper by the time she got home.’
    • ‘Rejoice that you do not still live with your mother would would do her nut about the black splashes all over the kitchen.’
    • ‘But I need to do some digging first to find out what the actual case-law is on these matters before doing my nut about them.’
    • ‘It was no surprise that Hart was doing his nut on the sidelines.’