Significado de do one's utmost en en Inglés

do one's utmost


  • Do the most that one is able.

    ‘Dan was doing his utmost to be helpful’
    • ‘We will do our utmost to avoid compulsory redundancies.’
    • ‘The reality is that most never chose to be parenting alone and are doing their utmost to provide the best possible future for their children.’
    • ‘Our engineers are doing their utmost to fix the problem.’
    • ‘In the meantime, trading standards and other enforcement bodies will be doing their utmost to stop these organisations.’
    • ‘They work long hours and come in on their days off and they are doing their utmost to tackle crime.’
    • ‘She was convinced everybody was doing their utmost to have order restored.’
    • ‘The police are doing their utmost to bring the heartless perpetrators to justice.’
    • ‘We are doing our utmost to ensure that the public are aware that speeding to any extent is unacceptable and can kill.’
    • ‘We want the public to know that we will not tolerate criminal activity and that we will be doing our utmost to arrest and bring those responsible to justice.’
    • ‘We are doing our utmost to make sure we get our customers to and from their destinations with the minimum of delay.’
    try, attempt, venture, undertake, aspire, aim, seek, set out