Meaning of do one's worst in English:

do one's worst


  • Do as much damage as one can (often used to express defiance)

    ‘let them do their worst—he would never surrender’
    • ‘I am afraid, however, that no amount of law enforcement can prevent such motivated criminals from doing their worst.’
    • ‘I did my mountain climbing and my hill walking when I was a young man, standing proud on the peaks and gazing up to the heavens, challenging them do do their worst.’
    • ‘The Victoria police force, it seems, practically challenged Kelly and his gang to do their worst.’
    • ‘Her huge bow cut through the Atlantic waves, gales swept her decks and storms did their worst but Cunard's great liner Queen Mary steadfastly carried out a total of 1,001 crossings between Southampton and New York.’
    • ‘Letting a huff of air escape her mouth after her outburst, she clenched her fists and looked defiantly at Nook, daring him to do his worst.’
    • ‘Arguably, he does his worst when he indulges his own sophomoric sense of humor and goes for the cheap laugh.’
    • ‘We are prepared to fight to the death, so do your worst.’
    • ‘Heart attacks are more common in the winter months than in the rest of the year, and the immune system tends to slow as the days grow shorter, enabling diseases to do their worst.’
    • ‘Let the critics do their worst, he says - he can take it.’
    • ‘Take me to my enemies and let them do their worst!’