Meaning of do oneself an injury in English:

do oneself an injury


  • Suffer physical harm or damage.

    • ‘it's a wonder we didn't do ourselves an injury’
    • ‘In truth, you could straddle both opinions without doing yourself an injury.’
    • ‘But I managed to get off stage without doing myself an injury.’
    • ‘The trouble is, if you walk with your head in the air, admiring their fine facades, chances are you will do yourself an injury, due to the terrible state of the pavements in our proud town.’
    • ‘Can you sue their parents if these menaces make you fall over and do yourself an injury?’
    • ‘He almost did himself an injury, scrambling over barriers and spectators to embrace his daughter in a bear-hug that nearly squeezed the life out of her.’
    • ‘Non-slip tiles on the floor will save you sliding about and doing yourself an injury.’
    • ‘‘I wanted to show them it was too small,’ he says, laughing and tapping his thighs so hard, it is a wonder he does not do himself an injury.’
    • ‘It is entertaining to watch but it genuinely appears as if he may do himself an injury - especially with his fellow band members spilling drinks on floor.’
    • ‘You must speak to her Logan, she'll do herself an injury if were not careful.’
    • ‘Quite how she manages to play in them without doing herself an injury is the source of some debate but she does.’