Meaning of do oneself justice in English:

do oneself justice


  • Perform as well as one is able to.

    ‘I did get some interviews but I couldn't do myself justice’
    • ‘So I just hope our lads can perform and do themselves justice on the day.’
    • ‘Would we do ourselves justice and would be able to repay Tim, Martin and Rachel with the thanks they deserved: an Oxford win.’
    • ‘‘I don't know if I'll be able to do myself justice,’ he mused before craftily adding: ‘At least it's another week's work and another paycheque.’’
    • ‘I could possibly get fit enough to compete in Paris but I just would not be able to do myself justice.’
    • ‘But at his age, and lacking the svelte, athletic frame of certain peers, he is honest enough to know he won't be able to do himself justice on the back of a long-term pared-down training regime.’
    • ‘He is still not a match for Raikkonen in this area, but he seems to have at least proved able to do himself justice.’
    • ‘‘I WAS disgusted with last week's performance but I knew the lads did not do themselves justice and they proved that to-day’.’
    • ‘Cotterill can take many positives from a season of real progress, but there were precious few to take from this performance on a night when too many players failed to do themselves justice.’
    • ‘If you don't prepare like the rest of the team does, you're not doing yourself justice.’
    • ‘Our main problem has been our inconsistency which can let us down, but that means sometimes we end up doing ourselves justice.’