Meaning of do out of in English:

do out of

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phrasal verb

  • do someone out of somethingDeprive someone of something in an underhand or unfair way.

    • ‘she was always chasing him about money, as if he was trying to do her out of her share’
    • ‘He also alleged that he had been done out of 60 million shares by one of the bank's three largest shareholders.’
    • ‘The Australian controllers are doing them out of a job.’
    • ‘He became convinced that other officers were doing him out of his just rewards: the prize money for capturing enemy ships.’
    • ‘The man would not do you out of a cent and it would certainly not have been his intention to rob anyone.’
    • ‘Also, I can't imagine that professional caddies will like them as they could do them out of employment.’
    • ‘‘Because all the other detox models have a full 24-hour-a-day doctor presence, some doctors think we're doing them out of a job,’ Maxwell says.’
    • ‘You're doing them out of their bread-and-butter here.’
    • ‘Senior officers in MI6 feel deeply threatened by this technology because it effectively does them out of a job.’
    • ‘German resellers are the least worried in Europe that large retailers could do them out of business and sales.’
    • ‘They both laughed when I told them how much I had paid for it, saying I had been done out of a gold piece.’
    swindle out of, cheat out of, trick out of, prevent from having, prevent from gaining, deprive of, dispossess of, rob of, strip of, relieve of