Meaning of do someone a solid in English:

do someone a solid


informal US
  • Do something for someone as an act of kindness; do someone a favour.

    • ‘they're a business, not a family friend or a buddy who will do you a solid for being a good customer’
    • ‘She was trying to do me a solid and help me get a better seat.’
    • ‘Hey, can you do me a solid and find out if they're still talking to me?’
    • ‘And we ask you to do us a solid - please support vegan businesses as often as you can.’
    • ‘I felt I let her down, so I wanted to do her a solid.’
    • ‘You did us a solid, bro. Come by after work. Have a meal.’
    • ‘C'mon. Just do me a solid. Girl, you know I would do it for you.’
    • ‘The guy who went in with the hidden camera did us all a solid.’
    • ‘The guy did Scorsese a solid and now he is being touted by the CEO of Publicity as a big supporter of the movie.’
    • ‘So my old friend April wanted to do a solid for the troops and she and her 3 rd grade class put together a care package and holiday cards from the kids for my team.’
    • ‘If the prospect of watching this is at all appealing, do yourself a solid and snag the Blu-ray.’