Meaning of do someone fine in English:

do someone fine


  • Suit or be enough for someone.

    • ‘So it looks like my theory that an 800 seater would do us fine with plenty of room for people who showed up on the day might have been a little over-optimistic.’
    • ‘I still ‘sleep fast ‘- 5-6 hours, but it seems to do me fine.’’
    • ‘If we finish one place behind the European qualification places it would do me fine.’
    • ‘And yes, I know that the labels don't fit too well but I'm not happy to play games with them; most people know what you mean by pop and classical and that'll do me fine.’
    • ‘I'd rather be sitting on a sun lounger in Cyprus wondering which restaurant to go to for a long boozy lunch, but for now, Monday morning at home will do me fine.’
    • ‘Graham seems to think that a cheap laptop plugged into the holiday camp network will do me fine.’
    • ‘I think you can just bring us a couple glasses of ice water, that'll do us fine.’
    • ‘For that reason I invite members to support the amendment from my colleague that simply changes the date to 5 years hence, which will do us fine.’
    • ‘Ken pulled up in front of what looked like a dingy old hotel, but by this time even though I'd been sleeping in the car I knew that any bed would do me fine.’
    • ‘Quite frankly, any type of legitimacy in this country would do me fine.’