Meaning of do someone no favours in English:

do someone no favours


  • Do something that is unhelpful to someone.

    • ‘you won't do yourself any favours by getting worked up’
    • ‘They won 2-1 but the scoreline did them no favours.’
    • ‘They said the man ‘became very irate, told us we were very opinionated, that we were doing him no favours by staying and to get our bags and get out’.’
    • ‘Giving students extra marks for being ‘disadvantaged’ does them no favours.’
    • ‘This selection really does me no favours, does it?’
    • ‘I have been slapping on my make-up in the same way for close to 20 years and it does me no favours.’
    • ‘It has been suggested before that his modest nature does him no favours in an environment in which more charismatic characters are coveted.’
    • ‘Yet we do them no favors by insulating them too much.’
    • ‘To round on his employers like he did will do him no favours and, let's face it, he has been paid handsomely for his efforts.’
    • ‘Certainly the slower Wimbledon courts did him no favours.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the occasional glimpses of that free spirit which leaked out into the tabloid press over the years did her no favours.’