Meaning of do the business in English:

do the business


  • 1British informal Do what is required or achieve the desired result.

    • ‘Rogers has got to do the business, score a hat trick or something’
    • ‘They went out, played professionally, did the business and achieved their goal, by winning the three points.’
    • ‘HIS comeback fight had been billed as ‘back to business’, but Alex Arthur could not have anticipated doing the business in quite such quick-time fashion as he achieved at Meadowbank last night.’
    • ‘Should they not sit back and retire and let the young guns do the business, enjoying the fruits of their labours and play golf for fun again?’
    • ‘Eight of the team play their club football in France and know the business, but in the end doing the business against the French team was another matter.’
    • ‘Neil argues that any paper wanting to make its way in Scotland will need ‘very strong elbows indeed’ and claims that this one will never have the muscle to do the business.’
    • ‘But the businesses around there are not doing the business yet they used to do.’
    • ‘So if Follett finds herself having to discuss the business as much as she actually does the business, her motto may come in handy.’
    • ‘I think that they were hoping that their two inside forwards would do the business for them and when that did not succeed they were totally bereft of ideas.’
    • ‘Like we said earlier, it certainly looks the business - but does it do the business?’
    • ‘It is the application that really does the business while the hardware is just a platform.’
    • ‘When Freddie is doing the business with bat and ball, there are inevitable comparisons with Ian Botham.’
    • ‘It's a bit of a headache because he wants the ball all over the place, but if we can work hard and just give him the ball, he can do the business for us.’
    • ‘This stuff certainly did the business, but it was always difficult to administer and the correct dose was hard to work out.’
    take effect, have an effect, be effective, be efficacious, work, function, act, have results, take hold
    1. 1.1vulgar slang Have sex.