Meaning of do up in English:

do up

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phrasal verb

  • 1do something up, do up somethingFasten something.

    ‘Kate did up her jacket’
    • ‘she drew on her coat and did up the buttons’
    • ‘Their top buttons were done up, and stayed that way.’
    • ‘He does his coat up.’
    • ‘She does her coat up and slowly makes for the door then stops.’
    • ‘One day I walked in and my top button wasn't done up, he gave the class and me an entire lecture about appearance.’
    • ‘Barely able to do up his buttons because of the swelling, he nevertheless ‘managed to get through’ that day's matinee and evening show before being strapped up at hospital.’
    • ‘Practise doing up buttons and fastening his shoes, but don't worry or pressure him if this proves too difficult.’
    • ‘It was refreshing to be able to do up clips and buckles and perform tasks without everything becoming mission impossible.’
    • ‘The gist was this: children arriving in primary school are no better than savages - unable to do up buttons, use a knife and fork, sit still or even speak.’
    • ‘Carl studied her for a moment and then nodded ‘You need to do up another button on your blouse and here,’ Carl handed her a security ‘visitor’ identification badge.’
    • ‘I took 30 minutes to put on my shirt and do up the buttons and gave up on the tie and shoelaces.’
    fasten, tie, tie up, lace, knot, make a knot in, tie a bow in
    1. 1.1Be able to be fastened.
      ‘his shirt was so tight that not all of the buttons did up’
      • ‘I have put on so much weight that my posh dress won't actually do up at the back without making me look like I am a Diana Dors replicant that is carrying triplets’
      • ‘It is buttoned down the front with five buttons, which also do up the men's way, and which are 10.5 cm apart, centre to centre.’
      • ‘I have a whole rack of jeans that for some reason do not do up.’
      • ‘Some bras on the market now do up at the front.’
      • ‘My jeans won't do up anymore.’
  • 2do something up, do up somethingWrap or tie something up.

    • ‘some packages are done up in velvet bows’
    1. 2.1do something up, do up somethingArrange one's hair in a particular way, especially so as to be pulled back from one's face or shoulders.
      • ‘her dark hair was done up in a pony tail’
    2. 2.2do someone up, do up someoneDress someone up, especially in an elaborate or impressive way.
      ‘Agnes was all done up in a slinky black number’
      • ‘when I was in art school, I did myself up as Alice in Wonderland’
      • ‘She was poked, prodded, and pinned until she was done up in one of the most elaborate gowns she'd ever worn.’
      • ‘Lizzy and Jane were done up nicely if discreetly.’
      • ‘‘You don't look so bad yourself,’ Heather replied, realizing that Martha was done up.’
      • ‘A group of teenage girls got on, all done up in glitter, crop tops and tight jeans.’
      • ‘I decided she needed to go out clubbing and did her up in a cute punk style.’
  • 3do something up, do up somethingBritish informal Renovate or redecorate a room or building.

    • ‘Mrs Hamilton did the place up for letting’
    • ‘We were now living in a house that was a building site, with no money to do it up.’
    • ‘They claim to have spent about £115,000 doing up the flat.’
    • ‘I put more than £20,000 of my own capital into buying and doing up a place in Fulham, but I sold it too soon to recoup the outlay, just a year later.’
    • ‘‘We have put so much into doing up this place,’ said Paula, a health visitor.’
    • ‘There has been an explosion of local landscaping and building contractors who are making a very good living from doing up these estates.’
    • ‘Greenwood has bought a small village house that needs doing up.’
    • ‘Tony did building work on houses his father had bought and was doing up to sell on, but he also worked for other construction companies.’
    • ‘After spending a lot of money doing up our house, we decided to remortgage.’
    • ‘For the past fortnight, some builders have been doing up the flat next door.’
    • ‘People here are also spending more than most other parts of the country on doing up their homes.’
    renovate, refurbish, refit, restore, redecorate, decorate, revamp, make over, modernize, improve, spruce up, smarten up, brighten up, prettify, enhance