Meaning of Dobermann in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdəʊbəmən/


(also Dobermann pinscher)
  • A large dog of a German breed with powerful jaws and a smooth coat, typically black with tan markings.

    ‘She walked past cages holding dignified German shepherds, alert Dobermans, sleek Labradors and beautiful Golden Retrievers.’
    • ‘The dog was one of strange markings, he had brown and black markings like a Doberman, but a white stomach and his muzzle and his neck had a golden color.’
    • ‘Canine guards like Dobermans and German Shepherds too may have to give up their role as protectors and just remain our pets.’
    • ‘The Doberman pinscher was bred by the Germans for protection; the Alaskan malamute was bred by the Eskimos to help them pull their sleds across the ice.’
    • ‘The German Shepherd will usually obey a command which the Doberman might refuse.’


Early 20th century from the name of Ludwig Dobermann, 19th-century German dog breeder + German Pinscher ‘terrier’.