Significado de Dobos torte en en Inglés

Dobos torte

Pronunciación /ˈdɒbɒʃ ˈtɔːtə/


  • A rich cake made of alternate layers of sponge and chocolate or mocha cream, with a crisp caramel topping.

    ‘Opulent pastries included thick, silken chocolate marquis and a multilayered mocha Dobos torte held together by gorgeous butter cream.’
    • ‘The judges wanted a modern take on the Hungarian dobos torte, a multi-layered sponge cake topped with caramel slices.’
    • ‘Jennifer was baking dobos torte, so I stopped by.’
    • ‘The bakers prepare yeast-leavened cakes, the 24-step Swedish princess torte and a contemporary version of the Hungarian Dobos torte.’
    • ‘The showstopper had to be a contemporary version of the Hungarian Dobos Torte!’


From German Dobostorte, named after József C. Dobos (1847–1924), Hungarian pastry cook.