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Pronunciation /ˈdɒkɪt/

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  • 1British A document or label listing the contents of a consignment or package.

    ‘The health department is working with the British supermarket chain to introduce shopping dockets that contain the fat content and calorie information of the products being purchased.’
    • ‘So why did he take it upon himself to destroy those documents when other types of patient records from that period were left intact and similar dispatch dockets in other blood banks were not destroyed?’
    • ‘Warehouse dockets are a good example - the impact of the dot matrix daisywheel will go through layers of paper to make additional copies.’
    • ‘Your adviser will need access to farm accounts, cheque book stubs, mart and factory dockets.’
    • ‘The docket, with ratings from A to F, is similar to those displayed on fridges and other white goods, and presents the consumer with information about how they can save money and help the environment.’
    • ‘The goods end up sitting for far less time in the warehouse and much of the paper trail of dockets and receipts has been eliminated.’
    document, chit, coupon, voucher, certificate, counterfoil, bill, receipt, sales slip, proof of purchase
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    1. 1.1A customs warrant certifying that duty has been paid on goods entering a country.
      • ‘PayPal contacted Mr Eddy to ask if he had any proof, such as a shipping docket, to show that he had posted the items.’
    2. 1.2A voucher entitling the holder to receive or obtain delivery of goods ordered.
      ‘The new system is aimed at encouraging more people to get their benefits paid directly into a bank or building society instead of the old method, which involved cashing a docket out of an order book or a giro cheque at the post office.’
      • ‘A spokeswoman said: ‘The bills have been issued and we have received confirmation dockets from Royal Mail.’’
      • ‘When he received a docket earlier this year telling him he had a package to pick up at the Post Office, he thought it was probably some parts for his refrigerator.’
      • ‘On opening it, instead of a policeman, he saw a small Chinese delivery man who waved a docket under his nose and said, ‘You sign, you sign.’’
      • ‘She checked my card signature and the one on the docket for my purchase.’
      • ‘He doesn't throw out much and his garage showrooms hold signed prints of dockets from the first cars he ever sold.’
      • ‘I come home from work Wednesday evening and get a little docket that a package from the UK is at the sorting office for me.’
      • ‘I would work in the mornings signing petrol dockets, then go to the beach.’
      • ‘The wash up would be less competition, less choice for motorists, higher petrol prices - and no more shopper docket specials.’
      • ‘He said it was up to motorists to shop around for the best prices and use any fuel discount dockets they had.’
      • ‘He added: ‘In addition, I have copies of the dockets signed by the Royal Mail confirming the numbers when they collected them for delivery.’’
      • ‘Carrier manifests, proof of delivery dockets, merchandising and delivery notes all require third party signatures of one kind or another and are returned to the office for processing.’
      • ‘Cabin comfort is high and includes plenty of storage compartments, a 12-volt socket, lockable glove box, mobile phone holder and a removable clipboard for delivery dockets etc.’
      • ‘He said the unannounced check found that the tills were short of money, which he replaced from other funds, and several delivery dockets were missing.’
      • ‘It might seem extreme but take a leaf from the security carriers' book - vary the route and time of a regular delivery if possible and tell your drivers not to leave delivery dockets on view in the cab when the van is parked.’
      • ‘Likewise, carrier manifests, customer delivery dockets and delivery notes are printed and the unique number on each docket is also printed in barcode format.’
      voucher, coupon, chit, docket, stamp, order, credit note, IOU
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  • 2North American A list of cases for trial or people having cases pending.

    ‘one new case on the docket from Florida’
    • ‘With no judge in sight, prosecutors started summoning each person on the docket to a desk at the front of the room for a brief conference.’
    • ‘The so-called enemy combatants have the next best thing to due process: a hearing on the docket in the Supreme Court of the United States.’
    • ‘He won, and made good by pushing the Legislature to put the issue on the docket in February.’
    • ‘I'd like to send a message to those who would place frivolous lawsuits on the docket: knock it off.’
    • ‘The Colombian and European racketeering cases were on the docket at federal district court in New York.’
    • ‘His name was not on the docket and his Certificate of Offence was not in any courtroom.’
    • ‘He also cited the example of the late Chief Justice, who in 1974 opposed Miranda rights when it was up on the docket, but then upheld Miranda rights in 2000 when he was chief justice.’
    • ‘Once it gets on the docket, it's usually a year from argument to decision, and, frankly, I think that's longer than we need to take.’
    • ‘On the docket next month is a New Hampshire law dealing with abortion and minors.’
    • ‘The consent decree litigation will remain on the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas active docket through 2004.’
    • ‘Every juror is asked if they had ever been a victim of the type of crime that is on the docket or any type of crime at all.’
    • ‘Taney's citizenship ruling continued a practice to which a majority of the Court had been committed since slavery cases began making regular appearances on the docket in the early 1840s.’
    • ‘That would allow the city to remove blight from the docket of the 36th District Court.’
    • ‘This is a case so secret it does not appear on the Court's docket, and the Solicitor General simply refers to it as ‘this matter‘.’
    • ‘Second, judges are under constant pressure to clear their dockets, and they have an obvious self-interest in avoiding trials.’
    • ‘He found the Barnes judgment ‘remarkably similar’ to this case, in that it was simply not completed on the trial date due to overloading of a small trial docket.’
    • ‘There are even sensitivity courses aimed at convincing judges that pro se litigants aren't nut-jobs trying to clog up their dockets but ordinary citizens deserving a modicum of respect.’
    • ‘Mr. Campbell does not indicate, in his submissions or in the docket filed, the hourly rate which he proposed to charge to his clients.’
    • ‘With a small number of exceptions, the Supreme Court has control over its own docket.’
    1. 2.1An agenda or list of things to be done.
      ‘Interleague action against the N.L. East is on the docket, with tough series against the Phillies and Braves.’
      • ‘Normally, rescue is first on the docket for Navy teams.’
      • ‘The psychology of all these issues is on the docket.’
      • ‘Also on the docket: A project that seeks to integrate digitized voice, video and data so they don't become independent islands of hardware and software components.’
      • ‘Then at the next meeting, the owners need to ask which things are still on the docket, not only from the previous meeting, but the one before that, and so on.’
      • ‘So let's take a look at the two Saturday games, starting with Redskins-Seahawks, the first game up on the docket.’
      • ‘We would have to wait unless John was willing to jump straight to the last item on the docket.’
      • ‘This year they have no new reality shows on the docket.’
      • ‘You and I discussed a couple of things that were on the docket.’
      • ‘The topic was on the docket of one of the industry's biggest trade shows.’
      • ‘To be on the 1999 team must have been especially nice, because you had the Pan American Games and the World Championships on the docket.’
      • ‘On the docket tonight, there is breaking news today in the case of the TV legal commentator's murdered wife.’
      • ‘And, more than 1,400 bills were waiting on the docket between that day and the end of session in mid-September.’
      • ‘Global fairness is indeed on the docket for discussion, but now is the time for action.’
      • ‘On the docket tonight, a startling decision from a judge who's ordering the late-night show host to stay away from an obsessed fan.’
      • ‘Despite having a printed docket attached to my travel itinerary advising me exactly when to be on the aeroplane, I still arrived at the check-in counter before the staff actually did.’
      • ‘Prosecuting the small-time operators in the U.S. isn't likely to rise to the top of the docket for state and federal law enforcers with limited budgets.’

verbverb dockets, verb docketing, verb docketed

[with object]
  • 1Mark (a consignment or package) with a document or label listing the contents.

    ‘the clothes would be handed in and neatly docketed’
    • ‘When he bought the property, Mr Green ordered the building to be dismantled and all the woodwork was carefully docketed and numbered.’
    document, record, register, log
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    1. 1.1Annotate (a letter or document) with a brief summary of its contents.
      • ‘he docketed the letter on the back in his distinctive writing’
  • 2North American Enter (a case) on a list of those due to be heard.

    ‘the case may be docketed for the fall term’
    • ‘His case was docketed for sentencing on March 27, 2002.’
    • ‘When a question is certified, the Clerk will notify the parties and docket the case.’
    • ‘The case is now docketed, and the court can in theory accept the certificate and give an answer very soon.’
    • ‘The law professor has just posted a 35-page preview of some of the Supreme Court's big cases already docketed for the coming year.’


Late 15th century perhaps from dock. The word originally denoted a short summary or abstract; hence, in the early 18th century, ‘a document giving particulars of a consignment’.