Meaning of docking station in English:

docking station


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  • A device in which a laptop computer, smartphone, or other mobile device may be placed for charging, providing access to a power supply and to peripheral devices or auxiliary features.

    ‘If you need your computer to be a desktop, you pop the core into your desktop docking station.’
    • ‘The analogy that Burns and his colleagues use when talking about attaching the body onto the chassis is snapping a notebook computer into a docking station.’
    • ‘As I sit at the lawyers desk, I notice that the laptop is on a docking station.’
    • ‘It turned out that the docking station where the CD-ROM lives is accessed from the computer via FireWire somehow.’
    • ‘This one is for the optional docking station which adds features such as DVI output and a parallel port for legacy printers.’
    • ‘The optional docking station will be distributed via selected online shops at a price of £49.’
    • ‘There is no built-in optical drive, but several external models - including a rewriteable DVD - are available as part of an optional docking station.’
    • ‘You simply give the mouse its first charge on the supplied docking station and plug the radio receiver into a spare USB port.’
    • ‘I arrived at her desk and found that her laptop was not fully seated in the docking station.’
    • ‘Users can plug the little box into a docking station for desk use or slip it into a more notebook type of package.’
    • ‘There were various docking stations, carry cases and add-ons scattered around the stands.’
    • ‘A docking station includes a housing, an infrared signal emitter disposed within the housing, and one or more cradles formed within the housing.’
    • ‘A laptop with a docking station for home use is convenient.’
    • ‘Desktop configurations require the additional purchase of an optional docking station.’
    • ‘Get in the habit of securing your laptop by using a cable lock or a docking station and remember to back up data.’
    • ‘If a laptop is desired, a docking station can be used.’
    • ‘You place it on a docking station, known as a cradle, or make a connection using a wireless network, a modem or infrared light.’
    • ‘You can remove the keyboard to travel even more lightly, or add a docking station to your desk if you want to spread out and add peripherals.’
    • ‘Users can add value to their cards or cell phones at thousands of automated docking stations around the country, where they insert paper money and get credit for e-cash.’
    • ‘Both models are available with docking stations for use at your desk.’