Meaning of doco in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɒkəʊ/

nounplural noun docos

informal Australian, New Zealand
  • A documentary.

    • ‘a doco on the D-Day landings’
    • ‘Michael Moore who directed Bowling for Columbine was smart enough to interview MM for the doco.’
    • ‘A better overview of the band can be found in the 2000 doco The Beach Boys: Endless Harmony.’
    • ‘I also saw the tail end of an interesting US doco last night ' Weapons of mass Deception '.’
    • ‘What I liked most about the doco was the shift in perspective.’
    • ‘I've just watched a BBC doco on teenage sexual abstinence programmes in the US.’
    • ‘Council fans may remember the amusing doco Rats in the Ranks about a Sydney council.’
    • ‘They showed a little doco about him on the weekend.’
    • ‘Aussie doco maker Mike Rubbo has an interesting conspiracy theory - the Bard was a fake.’
    • ‘The doco talks with seven of the original kohanga kids.’
    • ‘The doco was supposedly made by an obscure Venezuelan director called Carlos Soto, who had his own website.’
    • ‘The doco, the most successful ever at its native Canadian box office, is doing well with audiences.’
    • ‘They are so famous here that the State channel is profiling a doco on them as part of a new digital channel promotion.’
    • ‘I was so glad that the doco on Leigh tonight was laugh-out-loud funny.’
    • ‘This sometimes amusing and insightful four-part doco series looks at how Aussie neighbours get along.’
    • ‘More people are doing this as docos are taking a less journalistic approach and are set up more like a feature.’
    • ‘This is a moving, powerful doco.’
    • ‘Subsequent generations suffered under this unresolved conflict, and their story is told in this doco.’
    • ‘Actually, I thought the town and the people in it got a pretty rough deal from that doco.’
    • ‘But it was disappointing that the doco failed to explore why TV3 and National Business Review polls told quite a different story.’
    • ‘The only bummer about this series is the Saturday-night time slot, otherwise we applaud these top-notch docos.’