Meaning of docu- in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɒkjʊ/

  • Denoting a dramatized film, television programme, play, etc. that is based on real events.

    ‘a docu-film which tells the story of how Doctor Who was created’
    • ‘a docu-musical about the life of Buddy Holly’
    • ‘Soon it became popular and was featured by a sort of archaeologic docu-soap called Time Team.’
    • ‘At times, it feels like a docu-video made by the tourist promotion board.’
    • ‘He shifts to a minute-long docu-reel on the freedom struggle and the subsequent Indian independence in 1947.’
    • ‘They opted to release the docu-film with only excerpts from the concert which leads me to believe it may have been recorded and unreleased.’
    • ‘I thought they should have introduced them with an hour docu-style film or something.’
    • ‘Had to switch off, not a fan of these docu-talk-to-the camera types of shows.’
    • ‘Even the slyest political satire couldn't outdo this riveting docu-study of the country's troubled coalition government.’
    • ‘My number one film of the year would be Greengrass' gripping, devastating docu-thriller United 93.’
    • ‘The award-winning docu-comedy will be shown on October 28.’


1960s abbreviation of documentary.