Significado de dodecahedral en en Inglés



See dodecahedron

‘Sphalerite is cubic with crystals commonly tetrahedral or dodecahedral and frequently complex and distorted.’
  • ‘Archaeologists have unearthed models of dodecahedra at several sites in Europe, including a dodecahedral model in Germany that had holes of different sizes puncturing its faces.’
  • ‘They described a distorted 5.5 x 4-cm dodecahedral crystal of genthelvite from a small pegmatite near Stove Mountain.’
  • ‘Grossular occurred as greenish-gray to pale brown semitransparent dodecahedral crystals to 8 mm and also as a granular material making up a high percentage of the skarn.’
  • ‘Fluorite from Dongshan occurs only as simple cubes consistently modified by small dodecahedral faces.’