Significado de dodgeball en en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈdɒdʒbɔːl/


mass nounNorteamericano
  • A game in which players, in teams, form a circle and try to hit opponents with a large ball.

    ‘Invariably the most atrociously vile event preceded the game of dodgeball: the ceremonial picking of teams.’
    • ‘He forgot why he was there in the first place and could not believe the physical toll a few harmless games like dodgeball could take on his body.’
    • ‘Sleepy and distraught, she plays a dangerous game of dodgeball with semi trucks and sports cars.’
    • ‘Today, we will engage in the competitive game of dodgeball.’
    • ‘Instead of seeing dodgeball as a game where alpha males can relive their schoolyard dominance, they see it as a game for everyone.’
    • ‘These normally start with a warm-up game of dodgeball or wheelbarrow races.’
    • ‘How does a principal deal with parents who don't even want playground dodgeball games, fearing physical or mental injury?’
    • ‘Activities include basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, pool, board games and a music corner.’
    • ‘For those of you who like to throw balls at people, this semester has also seen dodgeball added to the intramural program, a game that met its capacity on the first day of registration.’
    • ‘As sure as there already has been a feature film made about dodgeball and there is an actual International Dodgeball Federation, so, too, is there a World Adult Kickball Federation?’
    • ‘As I said earlier, we're going to play dodgeball today, so let's form the teams.’
    • ‘As a two-person team, Alex and I have taken dodgeball about a far as we can alone.’
    • ‘The press officer for the college said dodgeball was a ‘fast and furious game, which was safe’, with the winners the ones who hit all their opponents first with the balls.’
    • ‘We were playing dodgeball in gym today and Miss Connor decided to join us and I managed to get her on my team and the two of us managed to nail the other team.’
    • ‘Now that I'm ‘alone’ in a city and out of college, I play indoor soccer in two leagues and play dodgeball.’
    • ‘Well I beat her in dodgeball and I can beat you, too.’
    • ‘Well, hike up your tube socks and put that safety strap on your glasses, because dodgeball is back - and this time it's Extreme!’
    • ‘The trouble is, the rules governing courtship today are vexing and often destructive, reducing the stuff of poetry to something akin to emotional dodgeball.’
    • ‘The first round of dodgeball took up the rest of the period, since both of us were pretty skilled and kept trying to peg each other with the ball, and hopelessly missing each other.’
    • ‘I found it on some cut-rate dance compilation borrowed from a friend, and was knocked out like I'd been hit in the gut while playing dodgeball.’