Meaning of dodgem in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɒdʒ(ə)m/

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(also dodgem car)
  • A small electrically powered car with rubber bumpers all round, driven in an enclosure at a funfair with the aim of bumping into other such cars.

    ‘he wanted to go on the dodgems’
    • ‘We aren't neglecting the families either - the fun fair, dodgems and other side shows should provide plenty of entertainment for all ages.’
    • ‘The one-acre attraction, which will be for youngsters aged nine and under, will also have roundabouts, dodgems, go-karts and a small train running round the site.’
    • ‘My younger brother, Chris, was a little too determined to win at all costs and received the dreaded black flag for confusing go-karting and the dodgems.’
    • ‘Remember the first time you went on the dodgems?’
    • ‘Screams of joy came from dodgems to the left of me.’
    • ‘I have been told on good authority that the late night conversation of pilots has more near misses than the dodgems at the fair.’
    • ‘Transport for London last week said the letter was a mistake and that dodgems, pictured right, were exempt.’
    • ‘I had a good go on the dodgems and I was chauffeur for some of the children.’
    • ‘Choose from dodgems, water slides, waltzers - pretty much any ride you can think of.’
    • ‘It then lurched around, like a cross between a cartoon train and a dodgem car.’
    • ‘I remember being about six and my dad letting me steer our dodgem.’
    • ‘Before the invention of the steam generator, when the dodgem and the chair-o-plane were but distant rumbles in the future, this is what we did for a fun day out.’
    • ‘Driving the thing is marginally more complicated, but will not test the aptitude of anyone who has ever sat in a dodgem.’
    • ‘They whooped on the big wheel and crashed into each other on the dodgems.’
    • ‘The flying saucer was an awesome kick, the dodgems were fun (although our group managed to cause total gridlock twice).’
    • ‘My day was so action packed that I didn't even get a ride on the dodgems!’
    • ‘To Dave it was all magic, a big adventure as he drove a dodgem car by himself for the first time, three minutes with crackling Top 40 tunes and a proud grin on his face.’
    • ‘Drinkers can gaze into distorting mirrors, try out the dodgems or roundabouts or have their fortunes read.’
    • ‘Pop music blares as dodgem cars slam into each other and a gaggle of teenage girls in pink fur haloes giggles its way up sideshow alley.’
    • ‘Cars seem to come from all directions, switching lanes like dodgem cars and it's not just cars but bicycles and scooters too.’


1920s US proprietary name (as Dodg'em), from the phrase dodge them.