Meaning of doek in English:


Pronunciation /dʊk/


South African
  • A headscarf.

    ‘Most healers, a mix of men and women, were dressed in red: capes, skirts, with matching doeks or berets.’
    • ‘Elderly women, many wearing doeks or berets, sat side by side with young men who had taken off their hats and caps as a sign of respect.’
    • ‘The award-winning musical opens with the seven performers in sarongs and t-shirts, white doeks, with white masks over their mouths, and bead accessories.’
    • ‘The wedding started with a closed session in which the bride, in a black doek and the traditional makoti attire of a newly married woman, was given her new name.’
    • ‘I like to believe she was inspired by the colourful African doeks she saw around Cape Town.’


South African Dutch, from Dutch, ‘cloth’.