Significado de dog-tooth en en Inglés


Pronunciación /ˈdɒɡtuːθ/


  • 1Arquitectura
    A small pointed ornament or moulding forming one of a series radiating like petals from a raised centre, typical of Norman and Early English styles.

  • 2

    (also dogstooth)
    mass noun A small check pattern with notched corners suggestive of a canine tooth, used in cloth for jackets and suits.

    ‘Close behind the red-jacketed men came stout ladies in dog-tooth hacking jackets.’
    • ‘She squealed dramatically and grabbed the sleeve of Theo's dog-tooth jacket, her eyeballs seeming suddenly to bulge at the drama of it all.’
    • ‘They wore bumster trousers in black-and-white dog-tooth, pirate shirts, white boots and gymslips.’