Meaning of dog whelk in English:

dog whelk


  • A predatory marine mollusc that typically occurs on the shore or in shallow waters.

    Family Nassariidae, class Gastropoda: Nucella and other genera

    ‘Lermond distributed mementoes which featured a picture of the dog whelk.’
    • ‘The scientist looked at imposex in the dog whelk, a common snail along the coast of New South Wales.’
    • ‘Perforated cowrie shell beads and a boar's tusk - both interpreted as items of jewellery - were found at Sand with lumps of ochre and a type of dog whelk which produces a purple dye.’
    • ‘Excavations found a rough stone chamber-like feature towards the east end with a female burial, bones from various other individuals, and a necklace of dog whelk shells.’