Meaning of dogmatist in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɒɡmətɪst/

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‘If he means the dispute over evolution, it is usually the Darwinian dogmatists who oppose free intellectual inquiry in the schools.’
  • ‘While the academy is not free of dogmatists, it nonetheless rejects dogmatism because it represents the end of thinking.’
  • ‘They don't organise like a communist party and their world view is radically different from that of the stodgy dogmatists of the past.’
  • ‘He was one of those rare and terrible dogmatists capable of destroying nine-tenths of the human race to ‘make happy’ the remaining tenth’.’
  • ‘They are true believers - dogmatists - who view opposition to their views and values as malice, ignorance, or stupidity rather than as a reflection of honest and respectable disagreement.’