Meaning of dogstail in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɒɡzteɪl/


(also dog's-tail)
  • An Old World fodder grass with spiky flower heads.

    Genus Cynosurus, family Gramineae: several species, in particular crested dogstail (C. cristatus), a common pasture grass

    ‘Three varieties of crested dogstail are agronomically recommendable: Ro novská, Tercie and Cristal.’
    • ‘The day paddocks pasture was six years old and consisted of white clover, cocksfoot, dogstail, ryegrass, and cowgrass, it having had 7 ½ cwt. superphosphate in three years.’
    • ‘The herbage consisted of bent grasses, crested dogstail, Yorkshire fog, Juncus spp., sedges and other species typical of poor pasture on acid soils.’
    • ‘Under conditions of light grazing there is a good sward between the tussocks often containing a large proportion of more palatable species such as cocksfoot, crested dogstail, and perennial rye grass.’
    • ‘This ensures the survival of a mixture of species, with common knapweed and the grass, crested dogstail, growing alongside less-competitive species.’