Significado de dohyo en en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈdəʊjəʊ/

nombresustantivo plural dohyos

  • The ring within which sumo wrestling takes place.

    ‘Granted sumo has a circular dohyo, but I felt that the linear abstraction still worked.’
    • ‘Although women wrestle as amateurs, they are still not permitted even to touch the dohyo - the clay ring - that the professional men use.’
    • ‘As anyone who has seen sumo on TV knows, the dohyo is a square with the circular ring inside.’
    • ‘As the announcer makes the introduction, the rikishi climbs onto the dohyo and walks along its outer perimeter.’
    • ‘At the conclusion of a bout, both men climb back onto the dohyo and stand on their side of the ring.’


Japanese, abbreviation of dohyōba ‘wrestling arena’.