Meaning of doll's house in English:

doll's house

(North American dollhouse)


  • A miniature toy house used for playing with dolls.

    • ‘It holds the National Toy Hall of Fame and many world renowned collections of toys, miniatures, dollhouses as well as the world's most comprehensive collection of dolls.’
    • ‘The house looks like a doll's house as all the rooms are exposed.’
    • ‘We saw pictures of dollhouses and all their miniature contents in the catalogs, but that was a fantasy world for us.’
    • ‘A woodcraft shop sells a superb range of handcrafted products made from other unusual Australian woods: anything from a polished fruit-bowl to rocking horses and enormous doll's houses.’
    • ‘Miniature furniture is an obvious place to begin equipping your dollhouse.’
    • ‘I was not even precisely pleased by it in the way I would have been by, say, a new dress for my doll or a piece of furniture for my dollhouse.’
    • ‘They know it must be true, since they see my office filled with toys, games, dollhouses, and stuffed animals that are in an ever-changing arrangement.’
    • ‘Small, discarded objects suddenly become larger and more important, while huge buildings in the background begin to look like dollhouses.’
    • ‘The dollhouse is all about the desire to see yourself miniaturized and living in a toy world.’
    • ‘Some call it a picture worthy house; others (like me) call it a dollhouse.’
    • ‘That little guy doesn't get to play with his sister's dollhouse only because ‘she's not finished yet’ and not because there's anything wrong with little guys playing with dollhouses.’
    • ‘When I was 8 I got a different piece of furniture for my dollhouse each night - culminating in a chandelier with tiny bulbs that actually lit up.’
    • ‘And yet, the quiet, quirky charm of lunch (disregarding dessert) makes us feel like girls playing in a dollhouse.’
    • ‘The general effect at the table is of a dollhouse, or a tea party.’
    • ‘But she finished it off, and hasn't stopped making doll's houses since.’
    • ‘She has been making exquisite doll's houses for 15 years.’
    • ‘Putting a performance together is like making an elaborate doll's house.’
    • ‘Sealed bids have been invited for the doll's house and the winner of the auction will be announced at the charity's Christmas Gift Fair next Thursday.’
    • ‘You never knew when a toy train might whizz past on a branch line beneath the sofa or a doll's house might be discovered, ready for occupation, in his workshop.’
    • ‘But imagine the lid lifts up, like a doll's house, and you can see inside.’