Meaning of dolorimeter in English:


Pronunciation /ˌdɒləˈrɪmɪtə/


  • An instrument for measuring sensitivity to, or levels of, pain.

    ‘We begin by testing the cat's pain detection threshold with a device called a thermal dolorimeter, ‘which projects a beam of regular light onto a one-inch square of shaved skin between the cat's shoulder blades.’’
    • ‘In the simplest form, a mechanical dolorimeter includes a simple spring loaded probe connected to a gauge.’
    • ‘Instead of reacting to the dolorimeter after seven seconds, you might not respond until nine or 10 seconds.’
    • ‘Two principal arguments were offered to explain why the dolorimeter did not perform uniformly in different sites.’
    • ‘The mean pain threshold measured with a dolorimeter was lower in subjects with chronic widespread pain.’
    • ‘In both diabetic men and women the number of tender points and dolorimeter count directly correlated with the duration of diabetes.’
    • ‘A dolorimeter may also be used to assist the examiner to acquire the feel of 4 kg of force.’
    • ‘Statistically lower dolorimeter scores were obtained when using the smaller-sized dolorimeter head.’
    • ‘Dolorimetry was performed using a Chantillon dolorimeter as described previously and the areas studied were on the right side of the body.’
    • ‘Chatillon CMD-series dolorimeters allow users to accurately and objectively quantify a patient's localized pain threshold and nerve sensitivity.’
    • ‘A portable dolorimeter arrangement for determining a subject's cutaneous pain tolerance level at any site on the body allows for chronic pain diagnosis, and for the diagnosis of subtle sensory abnormalities.’