Meaning of dolostone in English:


Pronunciation /ˈdɒləstəʊn/


mass nounGeology
  • Rock consisting of dolomite.

    ‘For petroleum engineering, this development is the most important aspect, especially when comparing limestone with dolostone sequences.’
    • ‘The entire north area consists of Quaternary sediments, while the surrounding uplands are dolostone, limestone, and sandstone of upper Silurian to lower Devonian origin, plus associated till.’
    • ‘The canyon system cuts down through marine sandstone, siltstone and dolostone.’
    • ‘Nodules and crystal groups of iron sulfide of Middle Devonian to Pennsylvanian age are frequently present in beds of black shale and coal or, less commonly, dolostone.’
    • ‘A walk over the property turned up layers of promising dolostone that was loaded with pockets in several areas and a generous scattering of hand-dug pits of various ages.’


1940s from dolomite+ stone.