Meaning of domestic purposes benefit in English:

domestic purposes benefit


mass nounNew Zealand
  • Payment made by the state to people, typically single parents, on low incomes.

    ‘all of her domestic purposes benefit goes on rent, power, and food’
    • ‘They voted for a weakening of the restraints around the domestic purposes benefit.’
    • ‘We can look at the explosion in the number of women on the domestic purposes benefit now.’
    • ‘A domestic purposes benefit recipient with two children, living in Christchurch, will be better off by about $36 a week.’
    • ‘The typical domestic purposes benefit client is a woman in her 30s with one or two children.’
    • ‘The domestic purposes benefit reforms that we passed through the House late last year are now being implemented.’
    • ‘Next up watch the government wield the big stick across the backs of those receiving the sickness, invalids and domestic purposes benefits.’
    • ‘They introduced the Domestic Purposes Benefit in 1973, at a time when New Zealand's terms of trade were adverse.’
    • ‘The core Domestic Purposes Benefit for a mother with two children is now $256.52 per week.’
    • ‘The recession has led to the Government postponing an election pledge to make people on the domestic purposes benefit go back to work once their eldest child has turned six.’
    • ‘Widows on the widow's benefit caring for the same aged children will not face a work test, and nor will older women alone receiving the domestic purposes benefit.’