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mass noun
  • Home or family life.

    ‘the atmosphere is one of happy domesticity’
    • ‘Tolstoy tried to mix domesticity and family life, but he would come downstairs after writing and see his family playing and his eyes would well up.’
    • ‘In the interwar era masculinity was defined principally in terms of a man's ability to support a family, rather than his independence from domesticity.’
    • ‘Many of her paintings represent scenes of charming bourgeois domesticity featuring members of her family, especially her daughter.’
    • ‘Contemporary design, while admirable for its sense of cheerful modernity, needs to be careful to retain the essential element of warm domesticity.’
    • ‘A more sympathetic reading of the trend toward domesticity would see it as a desperate last stand in the face of powerlessness.’
    • ‘Her process-based work incorporates ephemeral traces of domesticity with feminist art practice.’
    • ‘There are also delightful touches of domesticity.’
    • ‘This respected firm's contribution to local architecture is surely without equal, and they have turned many a wild space into a haven of domesticity.’
    • ‘You rolling stones are best off investigating the pleasures of domesticity this week.’
    • ‘She sighs loudly, at me and my domesticity or something else, I'm not sure.’
    • ‘She describes her mother as ‘wonderful’, an expert homemaker who wanted nothing outside domesticity.’
    • ‘But she does not want to cloud the uncompromising nature of her message that politics isn't working with forays into domesticity.’
    • ‘I, on the other hand, have had a weekend of domesticity.’
    • ‘In contrast to the perception of fire as a threat to the city, the controlled fire has a central role in ideas of domesticity and community.’
    • ‘But suddenly the scenes of domesticity were interrupted by sound of a war horn as the Viking warriors re-enacted a battle.’
    • ‘She gave up a promising movie career for a life of domesticity.’
    • ‘What about a market stall: was it a sacred slice of domesticity in the midst of a public square or an open space?’
    • ‘They convey a message about women and domesticity, and challenge the notions of craft art vs. high art.’
    • ‘Soon, both couples have children, and settle into neighbourly domesticity.’
    • ‘We do it too, sometimes, and it's one of my unhappinesses with my current domesticity.’



/ˌdɒmɪˈstɪsɪti/ /ˌdɒmɛˈstɪsɪti/