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Pronunciation /ˈdɒmɪnəns/

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mass noun
  • 1Power and influence over others.

    ‘the worldwide dominance of Hollywood’
    • ‘It's a game that they play in order to achieve a sense of power, dominance, control.’
    • ‘Sea power's dominance, however, has been a point of contention among military historians.’
    • ‘There is combat, to be sure, but no clash of armies as a result of peoples vying for dominance and power.’
    • ‘Part of the problem is that when we think of power, most of us think of dominance - command and control.’
    • ‘The book also focusses on the numerous battles that were waged for power and dominance between various colonial forces.’
    • ‘This father's rhetoric is very forceful and incorporates a language of dominance and power.’
    • ‘And the path to power is not dominance over others but the ability to speak up for oneself.’
    • ‘It also weakens the market power of firms whose dominance comes from legal protection rather than commercial success.’
    • ‘The essence of dominance is the power to behave independently of competitive pressures.’
    • ‘The following factors have been deemed to be indicative of dominance and market power.’
    • ‘The immense monoliths centered at the focal point of the photographs signify power and dominance.’
    • ‘There is no place for dominance, greed, and the power to control in addressing these new global challenges.’
    • ‘Both schools had their periods of dominance and while in control they both made productive use of the possession.’
    • ‘Collective bargaining has become one of the victims of mounting corporate dominance.’
    • ‘For higher education as for business, the lesson seemed to be that mentoring had helped maintain male dominance.’
    • ‘Pricing below average or marginal cost might occur as part of a predatory strategy to achieve or maintain market dominance.’
    • ‘Maybe this is the year they regain total dominance.’
    • ‘Their midfield dominance started to show on the scoreboards.’
    • ‘Never before have we had the air domination and the information dominance that we had.’
    • ‘The lower cost of resistive technology and its input flexibility has led to its dominance in the marketplace.’
    supremacy, superiority, ascendancy, pre-eminence, predominance, domination, dominion, mastery, power, authority, rule, command, control, sway, leverage, influence
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    1. 1.1Genetics The phenomenon whereby, in an individual containing two allelic forms of a gene, one is expressed to the exclusion of the other.
      ‘all had, in conformity with the principle of dominance, round seeds with yellow cotyledons’
      • ‘In this situation one gene has dominance over the other gene, which is said to be recessive.’
      • ‘The eye colour of all the female progeny was wild-type due to the dominance of such an allele, as can be expected.’
      • ‘We also examined the effect of variation of the degree of dominance of new mutations.’
      • ‘The dominance of deleterious mutations thus represents an important parameter in evolutionary biology.’
      • ‘There are few direct tests of the dominance of incompatible alleles.’
    2. 1.2Ecology The predominance of one or more species in a plant (or animal) community.
      ‘some plants produce structures to outcompete other species for dominance in a given habitat’
      • ‘Not all canopy species actually rise to dominance along any given transect.’
      • ‘The matter is often thought to be an issue of rivalry or dominance between different species within the same family.’
      • ‘In this study, and in animal behavior generally, dominance is defined as success in contests.’
      • ‘Normal maize plants show strong apical dominance with one main axis of growth.’
      • ‘Species richness is low at high biomass because of dominance by a few strong competitors that create closed canopies.’
      prevalence, dominance, greater amount, greater number, preponderance, majority, bulk
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