Meaning of dominical letter in English:

dominical letter


  • Any of the seven letters A–G used in Church calendars to indicate the date (1–7 January) on which the first Sunday in the year falls, and hence in dating movable feasts.

    ‘Combining this value with a table of Sunday or dominical letters, Easter could be derived without calculation.’
    • ‘However, he does not specify the years to which the dominical letters in his calendar refer.’
    • ‘Use the epact and dominical letter for any year to look up the date of Easter in the table.’
    • ‘The dominical letter of the Gregorian calendar year is the letter label of the Sundays in the year; leap years receive two dominical letters.’
    • ‘Thus for 1480, the dominical letter is A, and each A in the calendar marks a Sunday (although since 1480 was a leap year, Sundays in January and February were marked by a B).’