Meaning of dominium in English:


Pronunciation /dəˈmɪnɪəm/


mass nounmainly US Law
  • Ownership and control of property.

    ‘So there has never been, in the common law, an absolutist, legal concept of human mastery over land, no notion of dominium or ownership.’
    • ‘He did not differentiate between the proprium or dominium, property rights, and the imperium, political prerogative.’
    • ‘England struggled with the problem of distinguishing between imperium, or sovereignty, and dominium, or property, in its American colonies.’
    • ‘In systems based on Roman law, a landowner always had dominium.’
    • ‘In 1500 the concept most frequently invoked was dominium, which was used by the practitioners of Roman civil law and local or customary law to signify ownership of land.’


Mid 18th century from Latin.