Meaning of domino effect in English:

domino effect


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  • The effect of the domino theory.

    ‘It is the domino effect or the ripple effect, whichever you choose.’
    • ‘But, generally, when one of the game's top personalities and its finest coach expresses an opinion, it tends to have a domino effect.’
    • ‘My feeling is that if this asbestos plant gets the go-ahead there will be a domino effect and all sorts of hazardous materials could end up being processed.’
    • ‘In retrospect I see the domino effect of how people's behaviour deteriorates when they are expected to go that extra mile - on a permanent basis.’
    • ‘The resulting domino effect will be electrifying.’
    • ‘Somewhere, in one of the rooms, there is the beginning of the domino effect that transforms an ordinary house into something with which we'll be happy but we haven't found it yet.’
    • ‘Such an action would cause a domino effect among most other indebted countries, transforming most of the world almost overnight.’
    • ‘There is an interesting domino effect in commerce.’
    • ‘This has already created a domino effect in the industry as funds suspend their own dividends, often because they have suffered dividend cuts on their own investments.’
    • ‘The transition is expected to be gradual, with some fund managers still extremely wary of technology firms for fear of the domino effect of further profits warnings.’
    • ‘Vehicles travelling behind that car also brake hard, triggering a domino effect as motorists react to brake lights in front of them, slowing all traffic in that lane.’
    • ‘Do you think the situation will sort of have a domino effect?’
    • ‘So it causes a domino effect through the economy?’
    • ‘Such selfish driving practices prevent other drivers from being able to park correctly, which sometimes creates a domino effect in a line of spaces.’
    • ‘And then it's like a domino effect, and it starts spreading throughout the world.’
    • ‘Equally worrying is the fact that delays are causing a costly domino effect as contractors incur costs while they wait for other workers to complete tasks.’
    • ‘Critics who have long been calling for a tuition freeze say this would have a domino effect in the province and cause other schools to follow suit.’
    • ‘All this culminates to form a domino effect for teachers and students.’
    • ‘And if it continues it will have a domino effect with all the other airlines.’
    • ‘The women had an added obstacle as one of the first athletes fell on the hill, causing a domino effect which saw more than half the field lying in the snow.’